About us - what makes us a better company in our fields

Mediascape began its operation officially in 2005, however the engineers that constitute its founding executives have come together and started business since the second half of 2004.

Mediascape’s goal is to put together and develop the know-how techniques and its executives’ scientific experience for the benefit of its customers.

Mediascape’s range of activities has to do with:

i. Design and development of solutions in the field of Information Technology and Communications

ii. Integrated consulting services for the benefit of Public and Private Institutions on technological and enterprising development, innovation and power management.

Mediascape’s executives are all experienced Engineers and specialized in a position to successfully provide the services mentioned. At the same time, a network of exterior collaborators, Research Institutes, Higher Education Institutions, Universities, and Private companies (that provide complementary services) has been developed in order to implement large scales projects or tackle the difficulties that may arise at different stage of a project.