Sites & Portals

Your  web-presence plays a vital role in your success, regardless if you are a small company doing business locally or a multinational company with activities all over the world, a freelancer that wants to promote your services or a Public Institutions that informs and serves the citizens. Mediascape offers a wide spectrum of solutions that ranges from simple websites to large corporate sites to complex information portals.

Our web team works with you to understand your business requirements, identify your unique needs and ensure that the result will match perfectly to your needs while being both innovative and functional. We combine technical expertise and experience with creativity and skills to create your website that will deliver outstanding customer experiences.

We believe that web design should be smart, clean and effective in order to serve their purpose. We follow a set of principles to design websites that are aesthetically pleasing and functional:

  • Top-class custom web design
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Clean and self-explaining user interface
  • Focus on content
  • Easy to read content layouts
  • Intuitive navigation

Critical factor for the success of your web presence is to keep its contents up-to-date in a cost-effective way.  We develop sites and portals based on a Content Management System (CMS) either our own eScape CMS or any of the well-known off-the-shelf open source CMS solutions like Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla. Using a CMS to build your site on, allows you to update its content as often as needed, with low cost and no security risks.

Based on our long experience in delivering hundreds of functional websites with high-end design, we are confident that Mediascape is what you need for making your web presence a success story.